About Us

The Association of Productivity Specialists certifies Productivity Specialists who implement strategies to make companies more profitable. Improved profitability is achieved through positive and co-operative implementation of measures that lead to productivity improvements now; as well as in the future.

Our members are either reputable productivity Firms, or they are Individual Members, who both have unique capabilities acquired through training and certification process that only APS offers. Since founding of APS in 1976, we have trained and certified thousands of professionals, whose skills and capabilities have helped their employers, or clients to improve bottom line results.

Our members come from all corners of the world … Americas, Asia and Europe. Our association of certified specialists, enjoy added value through the opportunity to connect with fellow specialists who work in different parts of the world and in various cultural environments.

In addition, all members of APS, must abide by the APS Code of Ethics. This important aspect of the organization is crucial, as our members are different: we abide by ethical business practices, and maintain highest degree of moral and business sense.

Further, our members are provided with the latest information, processes and technologies developed throughout the world. This keeps our members on the leading edge of productivity and profitability improvement, rather than trailing behind.

Simply, clients who use the services of APS members enjoy the benefit and comfort in knowing that our members have the skills, the drive, the ability and the credentials in implementing productivity enhancement in virtually any kind of industry; and in any country in the world.

In the following pages we explain who we are, and why APS members are better positioned than anyone else to help their employees or clients to improve productivity.

If you are an aspiring business professional intrigued by our profession – please continue reading. Also, if you are already working in the industry, please find out why membership in the APS and certification through our program will help you in your future career.

If you are an owner, or partner in a productivity enhancement organization – please continue reading. You may be eligible to membership of the APS; the following pages will explain whether membership in our organization will suit and improve your business and your competitive edge.

If you represent an organization or an enterprise requiring improved profitability through productivity enhancement program – please continue reading. Also if you are currently in the process of selecting a partner to work for you in productivity improvement – please continue reading. You will find out why a certified APS member will provide you better results than any of the competition.