Masters Wall Of Fame

A Wall of Fame has been erected in the APS office. We are filling it with plaques bearing the names of all those members who have attained Master’s status over the almost 35 year history of our organization.

Congratulations to all of them for attaining this new acknowledgment of their certification.

Master Productivity Specialists

Marshall Allen
of Tribett-Levin

David A. Bullock

Frederick Byrnes
Brooks International

Lon V. Erickson

Allen Evans

Tom Fournier
of Controlled Interval Scheduling

Joe Grund
USC Consulting Group

Fred D. Haines
of North Carolina Baptist Hospital

Armala Hendra

Colm B. Hendrick

Frederick L. Hooghouse

Susan Schran Houghton
The AMS Group

Robert A. Jacobson
of Jacobson Solutions

Raymond J. Knight

Jan T. Koch

Frank Leonhardt

Dr. Michael Loh

Paul J. Lucas

Richard Lull
of Brooks International

Andre R.Y. Minot

William F. Neumeyer

Jody O’Neill

Mark A. Orris
Adept Management Systems

David A. Oyster

Miroslav Palas

James G. Quinn
Meridian Productivity Limited

Peter Robinson

Rich Rosebrock

Victor A. Rossi
Alexander Proudfoot

Lynn Rummage
of Planned Performance

Mike Sanyour

Ray Scherfel

Sofyan Shugo

Don Shoolbraid
of RBC, Inc.

Jean-Pierre Strauss

Conrad Tomlinson

Stephen Trodden

Bob Woods
of T-MRA

Tom Worth
of Brooks International