Job Market

Why Productivity?

Productivity Specialists get respect because they deliver results. Their achievements substantially increase operational profits by optimizing the use of all resources.

This is not a profession for the timid or the mediocre. Productivity Specialists are part of the management consulting profession. However, they stand out, because they design and implement customized programs of management control. They get their hands dirty. This special breed might offer the career challenge you have been seeking.

In just a few moments you will be able to enter the Productivity Job Market online. You will be able to send your CV, in confidence, to companies who are members of the Association of Productivity Specialists. This quick and easy system will allow you to copy the information directly from your CV to our web page. Once submitted, it will generate a printable CV at the APS offices, which can then be sent to our members world wide.

You can choose to have your CV sent to all members, or only members in the regions near you. Click below to use this valuable resource – the gateway to The Few, The Proud, The Productive: The Association of Productivity Specialists.