9 Ways Gen Y Provides Leadership, and Productivity to Business while eliminating difficult behavior

American Chronicle

Are you ready to turn your thinking from Generation Y as difficult people to great corporate citizens? Generation X and the Baby Boomers have not had this kind of press because they remained within a “norm” of others expectations. Gen Y do not consider themselves to be difficult or toxic people. So you may want to stop making fun of them!

The good news is that Generation Y learned the importance of balancing work and life from watching their overworked parents. So here are some ideas of what they bring to an overworked, entitlement driven work force.

1. Hold Only Productive Meetings

Email will be the medium for information that just needs to be shared. Thirty minute meetings will pull everyone to the same page while motivating them to get the work done. They bring to the table efficiency, focus and definitive expected outcomes.

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