Be More Productive

Via The Wall Street Journal


If you want to learn how to squeeze more out of a single day, ask someone trying to change careers.

Heather Huhman of Washington wakes up just after 4:00 a.m. and hits the gym. Before Ms. Huhman walks into her office at a national health-care association, she writes a column for local news site It’s something the 27-year-old does to help build her platform as a career expert — a necessity for the success of the company she has founded on the side, Come Recommended (, a site where people can solicit professional references. And it’s this fledgling business that gets a majority of her attention outside business hours.

Ms. Huhman may sound like a workaholic, but she says she regularly makes time to eat meals with her husband and watch college football on weekends. How does she do it?

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