Embracing a Life Without the Roller Bag

Via The New York Times


WILLIAM A. ALLEN III has deplaned, returned the rental car and unpacked the suitcase he always kept ready to roll at home in Raleigh, N.C.

Mr. Allen, business traveler extraordinaire, is off the road. “I don’t want to do it anymore. I’m going to be 61 in April, and I’ve had it,” he said.

Mr. Allen is a consultant who often flew 200,000 miles in a year. He enjoys top-level elite status at airlines, hotels and rental car companies. I first met him four years ago at a Hilton Garden Inn across the road from Los Angeles International Airport.

Back then, I noticed that the hotel manager treated him like visiting royalty. Would you like a drink, Mr. Allen? How is your room? Is there anything we can do for you?

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