Freeing Yourself From A 5,000 Year-Old Technology

The Daily Telegraph Of Australia

Paperless office has its day

PAPER was such a wonderful invention that it has only been improved, not superseded, since the Egyptians created “sheets” of papyrus 5000 years ago.

But it’s role in the office was now over, said Planet Ark founder Jon Dee, who was one of three presenters at an Innovation and Sustainability workshop held yesterday as part of Small Business September.

“One of the key things I’m pushing now is how to reduce the use of paper in the office,” Mr Dee said.

“Too often when you talk to businesses about saving money, they come back dismissively about saving $5 for a ream of paper, but it’s about freeing yourself from a 5000-year-old technology.”

Mr Dee said that on a recent visit to the Nova radio station in Perth, he found that the financial manager had made the entire financial operation paperless.

“You had to email a PDF of a bill if you wanted to get it paid and then it was paid electronically,” he said.

It was not only more efficient to be electronic, but it saved space as well, he said.

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