Information overload cost U.S. companies &650 billion a year

Friday, February 3, 2012


I was recently reading an article in Business Insider by Kim Bhasin.  It’s link is  Bhasin suggests that information overload costs U.S. companies $650 billion each year.  Now I can only imagine that the number is huge, but I thought to myself that was huge, so I reviewed Bhasin interesting article.  It is done in an info-graphic style.  If you review the total set of statistics provided and then you seriously give thought to the email’s you deal with each and every day, the tweets you may process, the Facebook contributions you “like” or “unlike”, the blogs you check out, the data sent to you from Sales, from Accounting, from your boss, from your peers, from your direct reports, and so forth, and then you determine how much of that you really really needed to see, deal with and/or process, and then you multiply that by the number of people working in the USA, you can clearly see that possibility of Bhasin number having immense credibility.

So, I thought Bhasin’s article deserved more coverage.  If I can provide even a small amount of deserved distribution and point people into the waste of productivity we create then perhaps, we can help reduce this number one small bit.  Think about it as you review this article and see what you can do to reduce this wasteful expenditure and stop distributing something that truly did not need to be sent out or truly was a CYA.  Do your effort in this regard!!


This Is How Information Overload Destroys Your Productivity

Kim Bhasin|Feb. 2, 2012, 3:40 PM|428|1
  • It’s hard to avoid information overload nowadays. With the technologies that are now available to us in the workplace, information is nearly limitless. But the quantity and speed of that information coming at us is often more than we can handle.

Here’s an infographic from the folks at Mindjet that has some interesting statistics on workers and how they’re overloaded with information, along with some tips on how to cope with it.

mindjet infographic

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