Interview: Productivity Part Of Vietnam’s Search For National Brand Name

Thanhnien News

A national brand will build on Vietnam’s reputation for high quality goods and services

Productivity and efficiency should be uppermost in the minds of every Vietnamese citizen and business, says Do Thang Hai, an Industry and Commerce Ministry official of a new initiative to develop a national brand name.

How will the National Brand Name Program develop a national brand name by 2050 as it aims to do? Is this goal too ambitious?

Do Thang Hai: The program’s goal is to convey an image of a country which is developing according to its values.

Unlike in the past, we must create a national image built on the values of renovation, creativity, quality and leadership capacity so Vietnam further develops its reputation for diverse and high-quality goods and services.

The goal is also to create a uniquely Vietnamese identity and to enhance the attractiveness of the Vietnamese country and people.

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