Iron & Steel Production Increasing In China

China Economic Net

By Su Min

Shandong Laigang Group is located in the foothill of the mountainous area of Middle Shandong province, a typically seasonal water-deficient area in North China. Several years ago, an expert affirmed that this area could only support a steel enterprise with the production scale of a little more than 2 million tons due to the inadequate water resource. However, in recent interview, our journalist learned that Laigang’s steel output had realized a leap from 2 million tons to 10 million tons from the beginning of the Tenth Five-Year-Plan period, and its total water consumption only equaled to that in 1995, when the steel output was only 1.12 million tons. In 2005, water consumption per ton steel has been decreased to 3.5 tons, taking the lead in China and approaching the advanced level in the world. This year, Laigang Group got a new level in main technique equipments by eliminating old ones. Till the end of October of this year, it eliminated two large-scale coke ovens, three electric ovens, four 120-cubic-meter blast furnaces. It’s estimated by experts that if the fresh water consumption of all steel enterprises nationwide can obtain Laigang’s standard, we can save over 2 billion liters of fresh water per year, more than the water storage of Gezhouba.

This year, the iron and steel industry implemented earnestly the industry policies of the state, hastened the steps in restructuring, independent innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and made great efforts to realize the strategic shift from scale expansion oriented to quality and efficiency, therefore, new progresses have been made in the development of speed, quality and efficiency.

Over the past several years, China’s iron and steel industry has not only met the demands of national economy and development for steel products, but also blazed a scientific development path of optimal structure and adjusted development mode, hastening the progress from a big steel country to a steel power.

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