Kuwait Professor Confronts Productivity Issues

Tackle low productivity of Kuwaitis at work place

By Dr Khaled Al-Jenfawi
Kuwait University

While many Kuwaiti MPs continue to discuss various solutions to what some of them argue to be an escalating social and financial problem (the need to increase citizens’ salaries), they seem to ignore an important fact about the whole issue: any future solution to this brainteaser must take into consideration that the average Kuwaiti employee’s ‘low productivity’ must be tackled, discussed and elevated to an acceptable level. This acuteness in dealing with this issue is crucial if we wish to see Kuwait transform into a regional financial center.

This might be a bit hard to digest the first time especially when you know that: ‘Everybody is complaining about it’. However, we don’t need Mr Grandgrind’s ‘facts’ (in Dickens’ novel Hard Times) to remind us that our average productivity in the workplace is declining. One of course cannot deny the existence in Kuwait highly successful individuals who produce the amount of work equal to what they receive at the end of the month. But, low productivity, especially in government jobs, has a greater if not the greatest impact on our current and future financial and economic situations.

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