“Meetings on the Move” Can Increase Workplace Productivity

Via EHS Today

by Laura Walter

In celebration of Public Health Week April 5-11, researchers at Washington University in St. Louis challenge employers to try a “Meeting on the Move” to improve health and productivity in the workplace.

“Forty percent of the population are absolute couch potatoes,” explained Debra Haire-Joshu, Ph.D, professor of social work at Washington University and director of the Obesity Prevention and Policy Research Center at the Brown School. “That’s almost a learned behavior. You learn to sit at school; you learn to sit at work. What ‘Meetings on the Move’ really does is get us active like we used to be when we were kids. We can learn then to bring activity back into our daily life, just like we learned to take it out.”

According to Tim McBride, Ph.D., associate dean for public health at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University, these meetings present an “inexpensive, easy way” to get employees on their feet and out of the office environment.

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