Port Efficiency Discussed

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Questions for Lillian C. Borrone on Boosting Efficiency in America’s Ports

Keeping the nation’s more than 180 ports healthy means more than just dredging channels and patching wharfs. The ports, which are critical for the movement of food, fuel and manufactured goods, have to link efficiently to America’s road and rail infrastructure. We spoke with Lillian C. Borrone, chairman of the Eno Transportation Foundation, a think tank in Washington, D.C., and member of the National Academy of Engineering, about future challenges, the agile port concept and security issues. —Emily Masamitsu

What is the condition of the ports in the United States?

The ports have done an excellent job of handling both cargo and passengers. We not only rely on ports to handle 90 percent of the goods that move internationally through our commercial facilities, but we also have a very large leisure cruise population. But like many other aspects of the nation’s infrastructure, the next 15 to 20 years are going to be challenging to the maritime community.

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