Powder Coatings Plant Increases Production


Screw feeders improve
powder coatings productivity

Latest agitated screw feeders and chutes have increased production and improved containment at a leading manufacturer’s powder coatings plant powder coating manufacturer.

Becker Powder Coatings, has installed new agitated screw feeders and chutes. Supplied by solids handling equipment manufacturer, Ajax Equipment, the equipment will increase production and improve containment at Becker’s Liverpool, UK factory. Becker Powder Coatings manufactures thermosetting powders for a wide range of industries including the automotive industry where the coatings protect cars and motorcycles produced by major manufacturers.

Mobile screw elevator for handling bulk materials Ajax Equipment, a solids handling equipment specialist, has developed a high capacity, mobile screw elevator designed to lift materials up to height of 6 metres

Accurate and consistent particle size control and formulation of the coatings are important, so users can achieve optimum transfer efficiency.

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