Sleeping More And Producing More

Sydney Morning Herald

Annual leave: a lot to be desired

By Ross Gittins

When Kevin Rudd won the election he warned his ministers they could take Christmas Day and Boxing Day off but, apart from that, they were to “hit the ground running”.

The new Government had a lot of things it needed to do and it was imperative to make an early start. For a time it seemed he wasn’t joking, which made me wonder whether Rudd is as smart as he looks.

Now the word is that Rudd will be taking two weeks off and his ministers will be allowed to do the same. Even so, a fortnight is hardly enough.

If people are to perform their jobs efficiently, they need proper holidays. That would be particularly true for politicians who campaigned seven days a week for months before the election. It makes far more sense for them to take a decent break and come back refreshed and re-created.

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