Technology Investment Sought To Enhance Productivity

Jamaica Information Service

JPC Head Proposes Greater Investment in S&T
to Increase Productivity Levels


Executive Director of the Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC), Dr. Charles Douglas, is pointing to the need for greater investment in science and technology (S&T) as one way to boost Jamaica’s declining productivity levels.

Speaking against the background of National Science and Technology month in November and the observance of National Productivity Awareness Week from November 18 to 23 under the theme: ‘Enhancing Standards through Productivity Growth,’ Dr. Douglas says that inadequate investment in S&T is among the factors that account for Jamaica’s low labour productivity rate, which declines on average by approximately 0.12 per cent per year.

Other factors include insufficient investment in human and physical capital, the high levels of crime, the absence of a productivity culture and bad labour management relationships.

Stating that Jamaica spends too little on scientific and technological pursuits, the productivity advocate points out that “large segments of Jamaican enterprises lack adequate product design capabilities, process reconfiguration and production organization, which will give them a competitive edge even in niche markets.”

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