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Sunday Times, Sri Lanka

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By Harendra Alwis

One of the common clichés of our time is that technology is ‘moving’ forward at a binding speed dragging us along with it. Innovations in technology over the years have been achieved by combining different tools in creative new ways as much – if not more than – by inventing new ones. Flint and stone tools were invented by prehistoric man for hunting and food processing, but they also enabled him to make fire. The invention of the wheel was significant enough in its own right, but the productivity of the wheel increased exponentially when it was first combined with domesticated animals and later with ‘fire’ in the ‘automobile.’

Similarly, as significant a technological innovation as the computer is in its own right, it has been combined with other tools to improve the overall productivity and use. Ingenious use of computers today has made our cars more efficient, but they have also been applied to automate simple and repetitive tasks such as making the double entries in automated accounting systems. The result has consistently been improvements in efficiency and productivity.

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