What’s in Pogue’s Travel Bag? Literally.

Since Efficient Traveling is Productivity and vice versa, I thought this article was great for our APS Blog. Happy Traveling!! Bob

Via New York Times

By David Pogue

I’m always surprised at how many people seem to like reading about what hardware and software I use. Last week’s “Pogue’s Productivity Secrets” e-column, for example, got blogged and passed around far more than I would have expected.

On a plane yesterday, I was flipping through an in-flight magazine and saw one of those “What’s in your bag?” photo features, where they have some celebrity dump out her purse and provide little descriptions (no doubt after careful pruning and arranging by a PR person).

Want me to dump out MY bag?

I travel a ridiculous amount, so I’ve thought a lot about, and spent a lot of time refining, what I carry and how I carry it.

It starts with a Timbuk2 bike-messenger bag, which I sling over my shoulder whenever I have to dash out. The inner wall is padded on both sides for a laptop; since the bag’s flap flips right open, it’s extremely easy for me to get to the laptop when, for example, I need to look up my frequent flyer number.

I keep this bag preloaded and ready to go. In the main compartment, I carry:

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