Why Finland?

The people of Finland are the most productive and competitive in the world. In this advanced industrial economy, the metal, engineering and electronics industries account for 50 percent of export revenues. Finland is also one of the leading countries in Internet use.
Finland preserved its independence and sovereignty in World War II, fighting successfully to prevent Soviet occupation. The country’s high standard of education is reflected in devotion to technology and music. There is a national focus on research and product development. Even in ordinary schools for the general populace, music education is noted for enhanced and comprehensive teaching.
The Association of Productivity Specialists is proud to have many good friends in Finland. We were not surprised at all when the World Economic Forum reported recently that Nordic countries remain more competitive than those of any other region. Finland once again took first place in the Global Competitive Index, highlighting the country’s ability to sustain a climate in which business can flourish even while the government runs large social welfare systems.
Entrepreneurs flourish despite high taxes in this land known for innovation. Finland also stands out for its ability to run a budget surplus.

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