Workplace Trends of the Future

California Job Journal

The rapid evolution of technology, the aging population of baby boomers, the rising cost of healthcare and energy, and other societal and business trends are having a significant and irrevocable impact on the workplace.

Where, how and why we work has changed dramatically over the past two decades and it will go through further transformation over the next twenty years, according to employment experts at Challenger, Gray &Christmas, Inc.

The global outplacement and business coaching consultancy predicted these ‘Workplace Trends of the Future’ at last Monday’s opening of the Society for Human Resource Management’s 60th annual national conference.

Four-Day Workweeks With rising gasoline prices, the availability of increasingly portable and affordable technology, and the desire among growing numbers of employees for better balance between their work and home life, four-day workweeks will become the new standard for corporate America.

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